Perth Catholic Church – Grand Bazzar


Members of St John’s Catholic Church, Perth, have organised a Grand Bazaar and Fancy Fair for the purposes securing funds in aid of the church war memorial and restoration scheme. The Bazaar, which is being held in the City Halls, had a delightful send off yesterday, and before the last purchase is made tonight a handsome sum should be drawn.

There was a large attendance at the Opening Ceremony, at which Bailie Hunter presided, and accompanying him on the platform were Rev. Father Slattery, Rector of St Mary’s Monastery, Kinnoull; Father Bird: Father McDaniel: Rev. P. R. Landreth; the Hon. Mrs Stirling of Keir; Mr and Mrs P. P. Leyden; and Mr and Mrs Begg.

The Hon. Mrs Stirling, who declared the Bazaar often, said it was a pleasure to be asked to take part, in however small and humble a degree, in any good work in which they were engaged. That day they were engaged in two works. because she understood that that bazaar was intended in the first place for the renovation of the Catholic Church, and in the second place for the provision of a War Memorial to those dear to them who lived in that parish, and who fell in the Great War.

It was difficult to dissociate those two objects, united as they were in one enterprise, and she felt that in themselves either would have been sufficient in provide such a strong motive for everyone connected with the bazaar to work for its success. She was sure that everyone in the parish was working hard to ensure that success. Underlying all these memorials was the double object, the one of commemorating and keeping green the memory of those who went from that parish and who died in the war, and the other of inciting and stirring and training the young generations who came after to have the same high motives – courage, endurance, patriotism, and religious feeling—that inspired those who went to their deaths in the Great War. (applause).

They could not have a War Memorial more beautiful than that Memorial which was to be connected with their Parish Church. She hoped that those who wished Christmas presents would purchase them at that bazaar. With all her heart she hoped that the Bazaar would be a great success, and she had great pleasure in declaring it open. (applause).

The Hon. Mrs Stirling was thereafter presented with a beautiful bouquet of Flowers by Miss Cathie Fraser. Rev. Father McDaniel, in returning thanks to the Hon. Mrs Stirling for so graciously performing the Opening Ceremony, said that the Memorial was to take the form of a beautiful stained glass window of the Resurrection, with a suitable inscription.

He thanked all those outside the Catholic community who had so kindly helped them in that big effort. Father McDaniel intimated apologies for absence from the Duchess of Atholl: from Mr F. Norie-Miller, who had sent them £5: from Monsignor Turner, Dundee; Canon Lavelle, Dundee; Canon McDonald, who also sent by General Stirling of Keir and Mrs Quinn, Blairgowrie.

Mr P. P. Leyden returned thanks to Bailie Hunter. Prior to the opening of the Bazaar delightful selections were given on the organ by Mr David H. Nelson. In connection with the baking competition, the prize -winners were as follows: Scones – Mrs Melloy, Bridgend; Oven Scone – Mrs Thorpe, Trinity; Pancakes – Mrs Melloy; Fruit Cake – Miss Fraser, Beauly: Scotch Bun – Miss Fraser; Oatcakes – Miss McHardy, Chapelhouse

Mr G.M. Williamson, Bridgend, was the the judge.

The joint conveners of the bazaar were Father McDaniel and Mr P. P. Leyden. Mr Charles Craig and Mr D. S. Walker were organising secretary and assistant secretary respectively. Mr D. McIntosh acted as treasurer.

The stallholders were:—

Rose stall:- Mrs Fulton and Mrs Smith: assistants – Mrs Murphy, Mrs McAulay, Miss Dow, Miss Bird, Mrs Graham, Mrs Brooks, Mrs Crampton, Glasgow: Miss Mary Welsh, Mrs Clark. and Miss Agnes Lafferty.

Heather stall:- Convener—Miss Margaret McDonald: assistants—Miss Herraghty, Miss McDonald, Miss Devaney, Miss K. Dillon. Mrs Devaney. Mr P. Herraghty, Miss Mullen, Mr and Mrs Begg, Mr T Agnew, Miss Jennings and Miss Gavin, Falkland Palace, Miss Leburn, Miss McNeil, Miss E Todd, Mrs Bert Stewart, Mrs Morris, Miss Kennedy, Miss K. McDougall. Miss Higgins, Miss Lehaney, Miss Hennechen, Miss McNamara, Miss Baird, Miss Moran. Miss Lacey, Moss Scott, Miss Reilly, Miss J. Robertson. Mrs P. McMahon, Mr McKearney, Miss Liebow, Mr Liebow and Miss N. Welsh.

Shamrock Stall:- Convener Mrs D. McIntosh: assistants—Mrs Tumulty, Mrs Mrs Smith, Miss What Miss Miss Scarry, Mrs Leyden. Mrs O’Malley, Mrs Laing, Mrs Kaye.

Cake and Candy:- Convener Mrs Fraser:- assistants Mrs Rice and the Misses Betty and Nellie Murray: assistants Miss Craig, Miss Goudy, Miss McAulay, Miss Fulton, Miss McHale, Mrs ?, Miss Nolan and Mrs P.Smith.

Fortune Teller:- Mde. Leon Yvonne

Entertainments:- Mr J.B. Maxwell.

The drawings for the Bazaar amounted to £791 8s 1d……

Saturday 13th December 1924 Perthshire Advertiser