Society of St Vincent de Paul

ssvp-welcome-imageThe Society of St Vincent de Paul, or SSVP,  is a worldwide confederation of national charities with nearly one million members. Membership is open to men and women, young and old. The SSVP asks that members accept fully the Christian ethos of the SSVP, and are committed to express their love of God through personal service to their neighbour. The SSVP respects religious liberty and values of all people and offers help to anyone in need.

The SSVP operates in branches, based on local parishes, schools and universities. They meet regularly to review their work as well as allocating future work in a spirit of prayer and mutual support. The work of a branch is usually concentrated on local visiting. However, other activities may include “special works”, which serve people in a wider area or give more specialised help in a certain aspect of the work.


Every Monday at 5:45pm in the Church Hall.


Wheelchair purchased for use at Church. Three young people partly sponsored for World Youth Day. Assistance given to needy children in local Catholic schools. BBQ purchased for Church. Monthly Mass for the Sick and two outings sponsored. Parish library founded. 2 parishioners partly sponsored to Lourdes.


146 home visits. 108 hospital visits.