To the boys and girls of St John’s

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My dear boys and girls

How have I missed you! Loads & loads. I’m sure you are all growing taller and I will probably not recognise you. I’m sure you are growing in wisdom too with all that fantastic schoolwork on-line!

The thing we can all do at home is pray. We can pray that God will help all the doctors and nurses, that God will give them the wisdom to know what to do and that God will protect them.

Also, I want you to know that I am praying for you, I am praying that God will be with you through this time. I’m thinking of all the boys and girls who will have to wait a wee bit longer to make their First Holy Communion.

On Thursday we celebrate a very special day. The day of Jesus’ Ascension into Heaven.

You cannot see me, but you can hear me and you know I am here even if you cannot see me.

Even though the disciples cannot see Jesus in the same way as before, he promised them, He would be with them always.

When Jesus took his place with his Father in heaven, He did not abandon us or leave us alone. He also tells us to spread His Gospel all over the earth.

In ‘My Fair Lady’ Eliza Doolittle says “words, words, words, I’m so sick of words… if you’re in love, show me!” We show Jesus we love him by keeping His commandments to love God and each other.

During this time of lockdown, there are many chances at home to love God and each other. Keep up the good work. I will see all you very soon, Lots of love, Canon Steven.