Special collections – 2021

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St Margaret Family Care Society Crib donations

 Holy Places

2nd April – Good Friday

The Apostolate of Communications

16th May. – 7th Sunday of Easter

The Day for Life

30th May – Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

Peter’s Pence

27th June – Solemnity of St Peter & St Paul

The Apostleship of the Sea

11th July – 15th Sunday of the Year

Bishops’ Mensal Fund

1st August – 18th Sunday of the Year


29th August – 22nd Sunday of the Year

The Sick & Retired Priests Fund

12th September: – 24th Sunday of the Year

Mission Sunday

24th October – 30th Sunday of the Year

Salvatorian Fathers

7th November- 32nd Sunday of the Year

Catholic Education Service

21st November – Solemnity of Christ the King

Poor Mission Fund

05th December -2nd Sunday of Advent