Priests at St John the Baptist, Perth

Served from Dundee, 1824-1831.

The chapel at Park was closed in 1827. Mass was continued to be said in Perth,
with the mission there officially opened in 1830.

At St John the Baptist’s, Perth, 1830-now

John Geddes, 1830-1832

Very briefly, between January and June 1832,
the new mission was served from Crieff.

James Mackay, 1832-1846

Note: the church of St John the Baptist
was opened towards the end of 1832

John Stewart McCorry, 1846-1856
George, later Bishop, Rigg, 1856-1864
Dr John McPherson, 1864-1869
Patrick McManus, 1869-1871
Dr William Smith, 1871-1877
Joseph Holder, 1877-1878
William Geddes, 1878-1885
John Turner, 1885-1902
Michael Lavelle, 1902-1913
Thomas Welsh, 1913-1920
John McDaniel, 1920-1939
John Coogan, 1939-1971

Note: in 1946 the mission officially became a parish

Darby Melloy, 1971-1981
Edward Durkin, 1981-1987
Charles Adamson, 1987-1992
Charles Hendry, 1992-2009
Thomas Shields, 2009-2015
Martin Drysdale, 2015-2018
Steven Mulholland, 2018-

In addition, a total of 66 priests have served in St John’s as curates

Compiled by Harry Schnitker and Steve Clayes, with thanks to the Dunkeld diocesan archivist, Fr Michael Milton