Month of November – Holy Souls

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  • Rooted in Sacred Scripture, Tradition, and the perennial teaching of the Church, the offering of Holy Mass has been considered the most efficacious manner of praying for and assisting the souls of our departed loved ones as they journey through the purification of Purgatory.

    Each Mass is, as we know, the re-presentation of the saving sacrifice of Calvary, and, when we specifically ask for Mass to be offered for a deceased loved one, we ask that the merits of that saving sacrifice be applied to the soul of the one we mourn. It has been the pious practice of Catholics to list their deceased during the month of November, that Masses be offered for them throughout this particular period—a sign of our ongoing love and concern for those who have gone ahead of us on this pilgrimage of life.

  • The offering of a stipend, a monetary gift to the priest for the celebration of these Masses is not only an additional sacrifice on the part of the donor for their beloved dead but helps support the priest in his livelihood and supplements his modest income. We never “pay” for a Mass—indeed we cannot pay for the Sacraments—but your financial support of the priest is part of your generous contribution to the mission of the Church and the care of those who serve us in their priestly ministry.

    November lists are also available at the back of the church for you to take and return as soon as possible. Please write on them the names of your beloved dead whom you wish to be remembered in the Masses during November and put them, along with any Mass offering you may be able to give.

    You may also download complete this linked form at the top of this page and hand it in with your Mass Offering.