9am, Sunday Mass


29th November 2020 @ 9:00 am – 9:45 am
St John the Baptist RC Church
20 Melville Street

For the present the maximum attendance at any Mass will be 50 people. The 2m rule is remaining in force at present. We will open 30 minutes before each Mass. Remember to bring a face covering.

The Sunday obligation remains suspended, so we would encourage you to attend one Mass a week, regardless of the day. If our congregation is spread out over the whole week rather than all coming on a Sunday this may be an effective way to allow everyone to attend Mass at least once a week, and since the Sunday liturgy is being minimalised just now the weekday liturgy will not be noticeably different from the Sunday Liturgy.

Remember that the church must be closed and cleaned after each Mass (the more volunteers the better)–we have to make sure that there is enough time between Masses for everyone to leave in a safe and managed way, for the church to be fully cleaned, and then for the next congregation to arrive and be seated safely.

You can reserve a seat here: